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    Delhi/NCR Weekly meet 28th July

    Hey Fellas, Let's meet at our usual place this Sunday, 28th July. Day : Sunday, 28th July 2019 Meeting Venue : IBR Dhaba (pinned on Google Maps), Opp Sahajyog Mandir, QIA, Delhi Meet Time : 6:00pm Agenda : 1. CSR Initiative 2. Upcoming Rides in August 3. Bulletiapa Delhi Video 4. Any Ad Hoc...
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    DELHI/NCR Weekend Meet 14th July

    Hi Fellas, The Saturday meet has been cancelled, instead we have organised Sunday Morning meet. IBR Delhi has been invited for a Launch of adventure motorcycles from Hero.. Hero Motors have organised an official launch of there adventure bike Xpulse 200 and Xpulse 200T. IBR Delhi has been...
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    Delhi/NCR weekly meet

    Hi All,  Let's meet tomorrow (Sunday - 26th May) at 6:30pm, here is the agenda -  Mandatory meet for Chitkul Riders Chitkul ride - Stay and other necessary things     Place - Qutab institution area, Qia, opposite Sahaj yog mandir Time - 6:30 pm Cheers Rajiv
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    IBRMC Delhi - Weekend Waali Meet - 07th Apr 19

    Good to see that the site has started working. Will attend the upcoming meet
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    Delhi/NCR's Winter ride "The last spell"

    Hi, Please follow the thread under "Delhi/NCR weekly meets" for upcoming meets and it's details.  Cheers Rajiv
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    Delhi/NCR's Winter ride "The last spell"

    Guys the REGISTRATIONS FOR THIS RIDE ARE CLOSED NOW, WE HAD TO CLOSE IT BECAUSE OF ACCOMMODATION ISSUES, PLEASE SEE LIST OF FINAL PARTICIPANTS.   **Riders who were listed in Probables, please talk to CH.  1. Vivek 2. Rajiv 3. sammy 4. Dutta 5. Shiva 6. Neeraj 7. Amit...
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    Delhi/NCR CSR 3.0 18th March

    Hello Buoyz, It was really fun meeting most of the brothers yesterday (11/3/18) on our Delhi/NCR weekly meet, some really good old memories were shared and we all had a gala time. In between all that Joyous environment we were introduced to an issue/problem raised by our Dhaba guy (Delhi/NCR...
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    Delhi NCR weekly meet 11th March 18

    Hi Guys,  Let's meet tomorrow at 5:30pm to discuss about Chopta ride nd usual bakar Place - Qutab institution area, Qia, opposite Sahaj yog mandir Time - 5:30 pm Cheers Rajiv
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    Delhi/NCR's Winter ride "The last spell"

    Confirmed riders: 1. Vivek 2. Rajiv 3. sammy 4. Dutta 5. Shiva Probables : 1. Rachit
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    Delhi/NCR's Winter ride "The last spell"

    **REGISTRATIONS FOR THIS RIDE ARE NOW CLOSED.** Hello Buoyz.. It's time that we experience the last spell of winters on Mountains, its "Chopta" this time, please do register your names for this amazing winter ride where a lot of adventure is waiting for you, here is the plan -  Dates...
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    IBRMC Delhi/NCR weekly meet

    Hi Buoyz... Lets meet on coming Sunday (4th March) and do some chai pe charcha... 1. March end ride  2. Update on RM preps 3. Leather vest for IBROCKs and IBRO Date - 4th March Time - 5:30 pm Venue - Dhaba opposite sahaj yog mandir, Qutab InstritIn area (QIA) Cheers...
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    Delhi/NCR Winter Ride 2.0

    Hi All,  Delhi/NCR chapter has arranged another winter ride this season, it's "winter ride 2.0" . The details of the ride is given below : Dates : 26th January to 28th January 2018 Ride to : Kausani Meeting Point : Opp. Akshardham Metro Station Meeting time : 5:00 AM Shoot at : 5:30...
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    IBRMC Delhi/NCR weekly meet

    Hi All, Let's meet on coming Sunday 14th Jan at 4:30pm, here are the details and agenda - Venue - Dhaba opposite Sahaj yog Mandir, QIA ( Qutab institute area) Time - 4:30 pm  Agenda -  1.MTR 2. Bulletiapa dates to be revealed See you all at the venue Cheers  Rajiv
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    I am Arun amd am here for a new chapter of my life

    Welcome to the brotherhood..
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    CSR Delhi - 3rd December 2017 #IBRkaCSR

    1. Srinivas 2. Vivek Johar 3. Rajnish 4. Vineet 5. Rajiv 6. Nirmal 7. Roopak 8. Amit Kumar - AKD 9. Abhishek 10. Ash 11. Pratyush 12. Hemant 13. Bose 14. Abbas 15. Asif 16. Andreas 17. Lee 18. Raunaq 19. Rachit 20. Amit Budhania 21. Inder 22.Henry 23.Neeraj 24. Abid 25...