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    Has Anyone Here bought a Tank Pouch from TripMachine?

    Real good and usable tankbag is from pgsgear.... 26L expandable, large map case, strong adjustable magnets, sling, tying brace, rain cover. Its a practical tankbag. I carry two dslrs and two lenses plus accessories and nicknacks easily in it with same space available. Costed me 2600/= 4.5 yrs back.
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    Tent, Sleeping Bag & Mats (Pls Suggest some cheap options)

    I have a sleeping bag, pillow , 2men tent all from decathlon and self inflatable mattress from amazon basic. All under 10000INR
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    GPS Device

    I agree. Mobile phone loaded with offline maps is a better and economical option for navigation. We can charge it while riding too via charger fitted on handlebar or from battery bank. Customized navigation eqpt are very expensive and not readily available.
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    Need a colour code & official procedure to change it on RC

    For color plz approach the Auth RE centre. You may apply to your rto for change in color but its not important since gun metal and silver are not very distinct as red and green are.
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    Bluetooth Helmet Help

    Hi. It's a great product . It is for intercom in the group. I bought sg2 for 1800/= online from asg itself abt 2 months back. 100% satisfied. Go ahead and book it.
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    Bluetooth Helmet Help

    Check ASG online. I recently bought one online for 1800/= . Excellent.
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    Accessories & gadgets installed on ur bull

    I use action camera fitted on the handke bar. Also fitted is cig lighter and mob charger. Cig lighter is used to work the electric air pump. In addition I have led projector lights in addn to the head lamp. I have fitted a round leather bag just above the tail light and another below the front...
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    GPS Device

    Nice idea. Have tried it. It works well only when Internet signal is there. Or you have updated latest offline maps.
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    Tent, Sleeping Bag & Mats (Pls Suggest some cheap options)

    I bought from decathlon. Tent, sleeping bag, and self inflatable mattress. You can try Amazon too.
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    Need help!! Regarding Helmet

    In 4500 you will get Axor with dual glasses, for day and night. Try Ls2 also.
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    Jerry Can for Royal Enfield for Ladhak

    I use 6-7 1 litre- 2 litre softdrink bottles. Easy to get, easy to show in recesses, easy to use and easy to dispose off.
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    Riding gear

    Hi, get a riding jacket. I prefer bbg spiti but you can choose from RE, rynox, cramster, pgsgear etc. I dont recommend torso armour or body armour as they are flimsy plastic ones. Inherent armour protection in riding jackets are the best.  Shin-ankle-knee guard from mototech or bbg or...
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    Riding accessories

    Try riding jacket from BBG, these are available online too. In Delhi Chopra auto in karolbagh is the dealer. Ankle-Shin-Knee guard can be of mototech or bbg or soyoco. DoDon'goin for Fox. If you have a good riding jacket ie bbg, cramster, pgsgear, RE then you dont need elbow protector.
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    Need suggestion on Riding Gears

    Just go to Biking Brotherhood Gear BBG. They have an exhaustive range for each accessory. Its main branch is in chennai. Google for exact address. Personally I have bought their riding jacket ( Spiti), and Boots. I bought from their dealer in Delhi. Ankle-shin-knee guard combo I bought online...