Breakaway to Ramappa


Mar 24, 2016
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Saturday early morning .. A culmination of all the anxiety and curiosity that we all were looking forward to since almost 2 weeks when the overnight ride to Ramappa was planned. Srikanth, Phani and Big Phi were the choreographers ensuring that everything was planned and executed perfectly to the T, with a consistent emphasis on safety gear and spares. 20 of us gathered at Uppal, our starting point for 2 days of fun with the brotherhood. It was first ride with the group for some of us and i guess you can imagine the exhilaration !! We were met by Veera bhai and Teja bhai at the starting point and the key message was on safety and importance of riding gear. 

At the starting point

We started riding at around 630, the designated time. It was a cool early morning and one could feel the slight chill in the air which ensured that we all were completely awake. This early morming was very different from all the others i had ever seen. It was a mixed feeling of enthusiasm, anxiety, curiosity of meeting new friends and personally for me it was about testing my physical endurance. We reached the resort around 2 pm, which included a few pit stops, most of them quick ones.

Pit stops on the way

The world is our canvas

The lunch was fabulous and we spent some time pulling each other while planning what to do next. Some of us went to the Laknavaram lake while others rested for the evening. And what an evening .. bonfire, beer, jokes, songs, stories and much more ... some of which i cant share ;-).
We were joined in by our simian friends too who wanted to have their share of fun ! They feasted on our pakoras too !!

 Singing the IBR anthem was an emotional moment for many. I think the song aptly describes what IBR stands for and reverberated with all of us. The dinner was spicy and we were wondering if the tissue papers would catch fire in the morning :)

It was an early morning next day .. a cuppa by the lake with friends felt divine. Some of us went to the nearby temple. We all saddled up for our trip back home at around 830 AM. We drove about 100km before stopping for breakfast, and were we hungry.  

Who says we need a lifetime to make some great friends ! At times you meet someone and you click instantly. But then it’s rare to meet a group of new faces and you click with them instantly. Saturday and Sunday (22nd & 23rd Oct 2016) were such a day. 400+ kilometers, all united by the same passion and the result; a bonhomie and camaraderie that’s real... though it seems ethereal !

Thanks IBR for my first ride with the group, and what a ride. A REGAL ride … I am sure everyone would relate to the experience that she-was-regal :) While what happened towards the end of it was unfortunate, but that’s the time when I really saw brotherhood in action !! You guys are rockstars and I look forward to many more with you all going forward. In the meanwhile, please ride safe and ensure that you use all the riding gear because safety comes first (it does not need to happen to us before we wake up... we should learn from the experiences of others). Ride safe, be safe ! Hail IBR and the brotherhood !!