Bulletiapa ride - 2016 - An ever memorable ride


Jun 29, 2011
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This all started with Bulletiapa- 2015 in Bangalore when it was declared that next Bulletiapa will be hosted by Delhi chapter. From that very moment, It was roaming in back of my mind to have a long trip for Bulletiapa-2016. Initially the major task was to get the dates and get the leaves approved as it was almost around Diwali time. So the moment I came to know about the dates , immediately applied for leave of 14 days, which was luckily approved as well.

Once the same was approved, now it was time to prepare for the route plan. So many places around to see but very less time. Initially thought of doing the Rann of Kutch and going to Delhi, then again thought of completing one side of Rajasthan while going and completing the rest Rajasthan while coming back. Later after few discussion with Bhavesh (Rann of Kutch and adjoining places), Father Philip (Delhi and adjoining places) and Zahir (Rajasthan and adjoining places) It was decided to have a mixed taste of all the places. Also came to know about the Sigri plan, which was also included in the plan.The ride plan was made in such a way to enjoy the local culture, places and leisure ride.

Mumbai -> Kumbhalgarh -> Ranthambore -> Jaipur -> Delhi -> Sigri -> Delhi -> Mumbai

The biggest challenge that we face was packing all the luggages. Two person riding in a single bike, for 16 days, along with winter clothes and all the necessary spares. Somehow we managed the same to pack. 

Then came the journey day, somehow managed to sleep for 2 hours the prior night post saddle up of bike. Wake up at morning 2:30 am as plan was to leave by 4:00 am. Me and my better half, got ready with all the riding gears up, checked every thing and started our journey. A journey of 4500 Km and 16 days. Riding from West to North India.

Day 1. 

From mumbai, the roads were awesome and also as we left early we were able to reach halol by 3 pm, our Day1 halt. The hotel was the same one where we stayed earlier during Desert meet.


Day 2.

Started the journey for Kumbhalgarh at morning 5 am. The roads were awesome except few stretches. As the resort was already booked, so there was no much worry on the stay part. And for that very reason we were travelling in a bit leisure mode. But who knows that the first breakdown was waiting for us ahead. Also thanks to Google maps, it guided us to a shortcut route where we were suppose to cross a bridge which was broken. And also the road that was suggested by Google map, that was a Ghat road with very less , almost no traffic, and very narrow road. Luckily we saw a local who was waiting for some bus. While asking he asked us to go back 20 Kms. There is a village, from where the resort was almost 10 Km. We took a u-turn. When we reached the village, by that time it was almost 6 PM and almost all the shops were getting closed. 
Now comes the best part, bike rear tyre got punctured. And the only puncture shop that was nearby, was closed. Called up the resort owner and inform him about the same and also informed him about our late arrival as from the afternoon itself he was checking with us on our movement. Luckily a small garage was there, when asked he said he don't repair puncture but when insisted, he helped us in doing the same.

Coming to the resort, a very good one. Staffs were very helpful, very descent. Cook was also very good. Food quality and service is awesome. Rooms were also very big and airy.