IBR Bengaluru - Karnataka Rajastova Ride - Nov2017

Apr 8, 2015
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Its not Kannad, its Kannada :) !!!

Karnataka Rajyotsava Ride has become the customary ride for IBR Bengaluru Chapter and this time we were going to a heritage site.

Karnataka has a rich history and ruled by many famous Kings in the bygone era's and we are fortunate enough that many forts, palaces & temples built by them is not that far away to visit. If you have noticed, many of our rides are in and around the forts or hills which has a great stories to write.

I chose to drive this time and joined the riders at breakfast point. After a luxurious Veg & Non veg breakfast, riders started towards Gudibande Fort. Watching them ride from a distance was an amazing feeling. There is some magic in single lane formation, especially when the canopy of trees overlooks the riders as if to bless. The dark fresh tarmac and blinking break lights creates an aura around. Ups and downs, right and left curves and mud in the air after the tires have dusted them takes you the other world.

We stopped at ByraSagara lake which was constructed around 16th century by Byre Gowda mainly to harvest rain water. Luckily, the lake was so full that one more rain, the water would have come to the road. CLicked many pics and headed to the fort which was another 5 kilometer away.

Few decided to stay back at the foorhill and rest proceeded to climb. The energy bubbles went ahead I was the last one to reach with our youngest riders Savitri Mam & Omprakash Sir. After spending some time at the top and photos, we came back. After new member introduction, new ride announcement and CSR updates, everyone geared up to come back to the same breakfast point to freshen up. Few had their lunch, few ate snacks, few gobbled up Biriyani as starters. Reached back home by 2.30.

Missed lot of people on this ride. but special mention to Nandeesh and Nojo. :)

Little about Gudibande Fort: Gudibande Fort was built by local chieftain Byre Gowda some 400 odd years ago in the 17th century. It can be said as a concise replica of the Madhugiri fort. The fort has seven levels with interconnecting escape routes which would help soldiers to flee in case of emergency. On the top of the fort is a Shiva temple, which is believed to be one of the 108 Jyotirlingas. The strong pillar with a square base has well sculpted images. One can also have a good view of the Byrasagara reservoir. The fort’s main feature, is the rain water harvesting. It is said that there were around 19 rock ponds at different levels of the fort. (Source-Wiki)

For all the pictures, please refer to the link : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1524193000960475&type=3

Gearing up for next ride. Until then,




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Apr 4, 2014
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Awesome Prats...

Indeed a walk through of the RIDE...

Cheers !!!