IBR Chennai - A Neat Ride to Mypadu


Nov 1, 2014
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With the advent of new moderators and new gusto all the talks of a monthly ride seemed a bit more serious than the usual futile exercise during this October monthly meet, The place suggested was the fishing hamlet of Mypadu about 200kms away, near Nellore, AP with the dates being Oct 22nd & 23rd.  Shortly later, text stating the dates and route plan for the ride popped up on the whatsapp group. To my surprise, there was even a deadline for confirmation added this time.

As the deadline closed in, only a few names had trickled in. My heart had been yearning for some months now - to be on the road! Now seemed a good little chance to go for it. After checking that most of my work for that weekend could be delayed a little, I confirmed my participation.

In the end, only 6 people had confirmed. Now apprehension set in as most of the senior members or seasoned riders were tied up for the mentioned dates. Would the ride still happen? 
Assurance came when good old captain decided to support whether or not he could join..

Came the Big day! Sharply at 5:30am, all the 6 members - Myself, Praveen, Chockalingam - fondly Chocks, Jitendar, the ever willing Mani and Navaneethan, assembled at the meeting place somewhere in the northern outskirts of Chennai.

Alas! Captain hadn't made it. But bless him. He had sketched the entire plan and passed the same on to Praveen the night before! Soon after briefing the newbies, Naveen became the lead rider, with Chocks, Jitu, Mani, Myself following and Praveen reared up as the sweep of the team  

With nothing much to trouble us, the wide six lane Grand northern trunk road proved to be an easy nut to crack. A tea break within half hour and a stop for breakfast, another hour later, at a roadside hotel followed. Finally four hours since our start we had smoothly covered the 195kms to our destination, Haritha resorts - Mypadu

As to any events, not much to write about other than the usual stares from people on the road. When a group like ours with full safety gear stops at a signal, people cant resist but throw the most imaginative questions at us. Funniest one was "Are you guys working for Enfield company to check their bikes condition?!".
So there we were, checking into our rooms by 10am, The resort itself had a good location to boast of. It stood right at the corner facing the sea. Me and Nava ended up as roommates. Within a few minutes everyone had changed into casuals and come to our room. What next? Nothing much. Relax was the mantra. Our housekeeper was a kind man named Murali, from tea to cards to beer or brandy, he brought them all, a bit late sometimes. And so, relax we did, 3 of the team starting with beer(beer at ten in the morning, I hear you gasp) Well, who's to stop you when you are so far out from home at a barely known fishing village with no riding in the cards for the day?
Rummy was next. As the beer flowed in, out flowed healthy discussions ranging from the group's attempts at CSR activities to riding stories of the legends namely S Kay to newbies retention.
Around 5 in the evening, Mani, Nava and I decided to swim in the beach waters and others came along to click pictures. Mani sir had a very lucky day as one big wave splashing over his face removed his spectacles from their rightful place only to land it right into his hands a few seconds later. Half hour later, he booked a ride on a waterscooter. All his lucky angels still hadn't left for the day it seems. He dropped his Digiflip camera while at sea. It got washed ashore right into the hands of the waterscooter team !
After cracking many jokes and clicking as many pictures, we returned to our rooms. It was now nearly 7. Following a nice hot shower, we sat for more rounds of cards and beer. In our relaxed mode we hardly noticed the time sweeping by It was well past 11, when we went to sleep with ride out command set as 9am the next day.

Next day, Jitu and Chocks, being the early birds with good cameras, woke up before 6am to capture the sunrise over the sea! 

Finishing breakfast at the resort itself we geared up for the return leg.. Starting so early we decided to stop over at Pulicat, another fishing hamlet near the outer rim of Chennai and check out the place as a ride option. With that plan in place, we rode on for the next 3 hours with just a couple of stops for refreshments. The detour to Pulicat took us about 30kms extra to cover. As to the place, well it holds a lot of promise. and we garnered a couple of contacts there.

An hour later all of us had reached home. Thank goodness no troubles had brewed up. Our tried and trusted "steeds" had stood by us. All the riders too had surprisingly been in good shape.. Not one complained even of sore muscles !
A neat little ride indeed, smoothly accomplished !
(Blog entry originally written by Girish, posted here on this behalf)