Short Ride IBRMC Hyderabad Camping Ride to Koilsagar Dam


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Aug 20, 2014
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IBRMC Hyderabad Camping Ride to Koilsagar Dam

Expected Budget: Rs. 1200/- per head max towards accommodation and food..
Petrol and other expenses are extra to the individuals..
Guys please note that this a pure raw camping ride and we are going to stay in tents in the night and prepare our
own BBQ.

Ride Itinerary --

Saturday: (9th Nov)

11:00 am - meetup at aaramghar x roads
11:15am -- 11:30am - shoot-out
12:45pm - lunch halt at deshmesh dhaba (60km) or Munawar Dhaba
2:00pm - shootout towards koilkonda fort(75km)
4:00pm - Reach Koil Sagar
5:00pm - Pitch tents and settle down
6.00pm - people to relax and chill out...
7:30pm - Bonfire Time
10:00pm - Have dinner and enjoy the Night & Starry Sky

Sunday : (10th Nov)

5.00am - 9.00am - ppl may explore sunrise if they wish ( Tea, breakfast time )
Cleaning the camp site
10.00am- shootout from location towards Hyderabad
Tea / drinks / lunch break
3.00pm - disperse point (aaramghar x roads)

Things to carry --

1. Fruits/juices/energy drinks as per need
2. Liquors / cigs as per need
3. Extra pair of clothes as per need
4. Camera
5. Blanket or sleeping bag needed ( it will be cold in the night )
6. Head torch/any torch / camp lights ( a must carry )
7. Bluetooth speaker
8. Odomos or coil
9. Power banks
10.Toiletry items
11.Mat or chatai ( a must carry )
12.Tent to stay. ( tents will be provided, but if you have then carry it )
13.Big garbage bags

Package includes --

1. Snacks (Veg)
2. Dinner - Bagara Rice, Veg Curry, Dal, Raita
3. BBQ - Veg/Non Veg
4. Fire Woods
5. Disposable Plates & Glasses
6. 2 Water Bubbles
7. Tents

There is a dam site , temple , and fort to explore. We will try to cover these on the way back to HYD.

Ride Requirements:
Ensure that you are carrying all the required spares for your bike. Which includes
• Tire Tubes of your respective bike(Front and Rear)
• Clutch and Accelerator cable
• Extra Fuses depending on your bike’s make
• Chain Link
• Anything else that you feel would be required depending on the age of your bike.
• Bike Documents in Originals.

Riding Gears:
• Full Face helmet with proper riding gear is mandatory.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

IBRMC- Admin


Planning Commission
Aug 20, 2014
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Please add your names for Over Night Ride & Camping at Koil Sagar Dam on Nov 9th & 10th..

1. Hemu -- NV
2. Chiraag -- NV
3. Amit Satsangi -- NV
4. Vijay vadi -NV
5. Daivik Mehra -- NV
6. Pujith Bhargav -- Veg
7. Vijay - Veg
8. Ashwin - NV
9. Abdul -- NV
10. Prem -- NV
11. Avinash -NV
12. Shakti --NV
13. Madhu -- NV
14. Naveen -- NV
15. Jitendra -- NV
16. Sandeep Reddy -NV