Monsoon Route Statuses

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Dec 20, 2013
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Monsoon has arrived and according to official data, few of our reservoirs have accumulated enough water which will be sufficient for next 1.5 years with the rains that has happened in last 24 hours. sounds like a good news for the economy of the country in near future. But there is a down side to it. a small one. Never the less it still is a down side.

according to the NHAI, India has about 137,712 km of road network, however according to the travelers' experiences, half the roads are only on papers, and half of the rest of the half are filled with potholes. There is an old saying, Potholes+Monsoon=Disaster waiting to happen. Here is my little effort to avert the possible disaster.

Since I stay in Raipur, i will be jotting down the statuses of major highways in and around this region.
Stretch 1. Raipur to Baghnadi on AH46- excellent 4 lane roads with occasional but really scary speed breakers especially when approaching govt offices and cities on the highway.
Stretch 2. Baghnadi to Sadakh Chirchari on AH46- a Hilly section with major potholes and forest on both the sides impossible to find a mechanic if need arises, be careful while traversing this route.
Stretch 3. Sadakh Chirchari to Nagpur on AH46- really good roads and hardly a bump. but yes there are lot of villages and cows that take a nap on the streets so be careful in this road.
Stretch 4. Nagpur to Wadner on AH43-, a stretch that gives pleasure to the driver/rider.
Stretch 5. Wadner to Dollaraon AH43- the worst nightmare will be scared to set foot on this stretch of road. But with grace of god it is most populous stretch and any help is fairly readily available.
Stretch 6- Raipur to Kankher on NH43- the stretch is designed as a paradize for long rides/drives and feels like you are in flight.
Stretch 7. Kankher to Jagdalpur on NH43 - is the amazon of India. in terms of cannibalistic nexalites. so be careful. try avoid unless there is a need to experience the savage and barbaric nature of hundreds of people attacking you in an ambush. esp the riders on bullet and white cars are the victims as they are confused as police/army personnel/politician/agent/govt officers. However the streets are manageable since the routes have been ashpaulted probably during reign of Ashoka the great. thanks to never ending nexalism.
Stretch 8. Jagdalpur to Konta via Sukma on NH 221 this is the heart of cannibal tribe activities, only 20 % of people who enter will generally make it out of this place. If accompanied by women don't think of an adventure in this route.
Stretch 9. Raipur to Sambalpur on AH 46 - an excellent stretch of lanes that will make you forget you have to return to work after the vacation.
Stretch 9. Sambalpur to Gopiballabhpur on AH46- Is the Hill section one must ride to claim he is an adventure biker. I have no words to explain the beauty in this wild outback.
Stretch 10. Raipur to Jabalpur on NH12A- this lane is good for first 60 kilometers till Birkona, after that the broken streets with wild life and potholes makes it a bit risky street to travel after 2nd half of the day. otherwise it is manageable if one has a offroading vehicle.
Here is a brief report of road statuses as of last month from my visits and data collection from my friend circle who are good travelers, cab drivers, and commercial truck drivers. Hope it helps.

Abdul Khan

Planning Commission
Sep 26, 2013
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Amith Bhai: Aap ko metro-logical department mei hona tha :)
Anyways, nice narrated and good information.

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