Rohtak – The Hidden Monster Parantha Sanctuary Of India


Jan 11, 2017
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New Delhi

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
It was cold, dig it? And I’m just not used to being cold in India. You know the kind of cold that worries brass monkeys? Well, here I was riding in it.  I was starting to question my sanity and get a serious dislike on for the ever helpful and always smiling sales guy at my local Royal Enfield shop. This, was his fault.  It’s bloody 6:00 am and I am headed to Rohtak, the monster parantha sanctuary of India….on a Sunday. “Join our ride, sir”, he suggested one sunny (warm) afternoon at my local Royal Enfield dealership…….and I, seriously distracted by the display of shiny new helmets,  agreed.

Alright, my half-hearted moaning aside, we gathered at our local dealership at 6:30 Indian time, which is quarter past seven in real-time, and blasted off for Rohtak. Is there anything sweeter than the rumble of fourteen Royal Enfields all taking off together? Yah, Yah, Yah Harley riders, I hear you grumbling, whatever…we will have that discussion at a later date. The bikes fell into a loose formation and we roared through Delhi’s deserted Sunday morning streets uncontested. The pack was heading for the Delhi / Rohtak bypass road, more pointedly, heading to Tapasya Parantha Junction. The mission,.... sight, capture and eat….a monster parantha.


Ready For Blast Off

Once out of the city, the throttle rolled and ride was exhilarating. Crisp air stinging the cheeks, an abundance of bright sun and wide open road, what more could you ask for?  It was a nice length for a breakfast ride, a little under two hours, just the right amount of time to build up a good breakie rumble in the tummy. This time allotment also including one pit stop to terrorize a petrol station. Just for a few minutes while a couple of bikes filled up and the rest of us had an impromptu photo shoot.

The back of the pack

Come on! Lets Ride!

Tapasya Parantha Junction

We pulled into Tapasya “The Wild One” style, the bikes all looping in to the front door curb then backing in side by side….I felt just like Marlon Brando.  It was sometime around 9:00….who knew? Who cared? We were on a ride and hungry.

Lined up like The Wild Ones

I don’t know if the staff had been told of our impending arrival, they must have been as they handled twenty plus of us with ease and courtesy. That is not easy to do considering we descended on them like a swarm of cold and hungry locust, demanding Chai (tea) and repeatedly asking “where is the washroom?”  Despite the marauding mass of bikers,  the paranthas arrived quickly…and the hype and build up was true. Rohtak  IS where they hide the monster parantha! The waiter dropped a medium on our table with some butter, curd and mint chutney and Mrs. R and I attacked the beast with fervor. Now, it is something to create a large (huge? Massive? Gigantic?) single food item for the gimmick of it, it’s been done with everything from donuts to pizza. But making it well is something altogether different. This one was. A Parantha Aloo with onion extraordinaire! Fan-frikin-tastic.

This is a MEDIUM??

Dig in boys!

There is a deal or challenge of some sort. I won’t explain it because to me, it’s ridiculously impossible; but you can read all about it should you wish to partake yourself on this India TV link.

As far as I am aware, no one asked for a second one, the group sat in a state of stuffed and contented euphoria sipping tea and chatting. When the required amount of digestion had occurred, we mounted up and left in much the same manner in which we had arrived, with the sound of thunder and in a cloud of dust. The return journey was as equally pleasant as the trip there, and warmer too! As we approached Delhi, the pack dropped off one by one, each heading their separate ways. I was sad it was over, as this had turned into a wonderful morning ride, and a great experience! Much thanks to my ever grinning sales guy or having us along! I suppose, at the end of the day, all you really need to know is, it’s a worthy ride and a fantastic parantha… what is it that’s holding ayou back? GO TRAP YOUR OWN

Mrs. R waiting to mount up and ride home.