Tales of Talakadu

Apr 8, 2015
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The Gang
Thumps and IBR goes hand in hand. 

Its the thump that runs in the veins. Its the bond that binds us together. Its the brotherhood that knots us into this family. There is some magical powers in this group, no matter how busy you are, you will still make time to come and spend time together. Thats what has happened to me. Was busy in my own world and priorities and missed many of the rides.

But not this time, I wanted to meet my family and spend some time together. I missed the laughter, I missed the bakar, I missed the birthday bums and more over I missed that thump and the sight of endless chain of motorcycles roaring along the roads. Prateeksha, my daughter was missing the family more than I did. She wanted to spend time with Mohina, Kyara baby, Kush bhaiyya, Photo mama, red uncle (Dadi wale baba) and all others. I decided to bring her along this time but didn't want to ride 150 KM one way on a bike with her and asked for any space in any of the car. Our brothers responded and I was ready to hop along with one of the car. It was all set, I just had to leave the next day, but could not get a confirmation of car, unsure of what to do, decided to drive my car which was due to service and still took a chance. 

I could not join the gang that early morning, left a message to Dadi wale baba that I would join at Breakfast Point, but there again I had dissappointment as our gang decided stop 9 Km before and I had no clue about it. Upon reaching the pit stop, I got to know that they were behind. Bitten by hunger Prateeksha was showing tantrums and I had to reach back as soon as possible. Once I reached, I realised everyone were done with their food and was about to leave. Dadi wale baba decides to wait and it didnt go well with me, I asked him to leave and I will catch up. Gulped down my Idli wada and started off, but wait where are the bikers? Prateeksha kept on asking me and I had no clue. I was speeding up at 100 but no sight of them. But this time I knew where to go and reached Talakadu. There they were, few sitting under the shade, few were ready for the photoshoot, few were ready to take a dip in the water and few were doing bakar. 


Prateeksha joined her favorite doll Mohina and started playing instantly, I had a breather and decided to ride Akthar Bhai's NEW HIMALAYAN. There were 5-6 photographers of IBR clicking my pictures as I was riding the himalayan in the woods. I felt like a celebrity where you have many shutters focused on you. Wouldn't it be nice to grin at that time? Lol, I did. We went for a Theppa (Traditional boat) ride in Kauvery and few brothers decided not to come along and preferred the shore. We attached the local food stalls and ate our hearts full to start to the next destination. The hidden temples of Talakadu (Info at the end). 

Then I got to see what I missed the most. Being behind the roaring motorcycles, it was a sight that I missed all these while and kept on staring and enjoyed the thumps, the formation, the trail that was cutting through rocky mountains and green fields on a country roads. Its a bliss to watch 35 odd bikes lean on those curvy roads with colorful helmets and bright jackets. More than me, Prateeksha had a blast of her time and she was already making notes of what to tell her friends at school the next day on how wonderful her weekend has been. We rode/drove non stop for 107 KM which took almost 2.15 hours and reached the last pit stop to empty what was on the restaurant. Bid adieu to everyone post lunch was drove back home with memories. Its my daughter who is going to grow up with these memories and grow older to become one more biker. Its not the destination that matters, its the ride that matters and with whom you ride matters the most. 

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“Curse of Talakad” - A town lost in sands of time
Yes according to the legends, Raja Wadiyar, conquered Srirangapatna fort from Srirangaraya, then viceroy of Vijayanagar Empire, in 1610. The viceroy retired to Talakad and his wife, Alamelamma, is said to have fled with jewels of Adi Ranga temple in Srirangapatna to Talakad.

Raja Wadiyar sent his soldiers to Talakadu. Alamelamma assumed the king’s men had come to capture her and make her a slave. She tried to escape to T Narasipura. She found no way to escape from the soldiers but to jump into Malangi River. Legend says that when the king’ soldiers tried to get at the fleeing Alamelamma, they got her hair before she disappeared into the water.

At that moment she cursed “Talakadu managali, Malangi madwagali, Mysooru arasarige makkalu aagadirali” which translates to “May Malangi turn into an un-fathomed whirlpool, Talakad turn into a barren expanse of sand and the Rajas of Wadiyar not beget male heir”. Till today whatever she has said stands true. Interesting isnt it! Mystical!
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