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Podcasts FAQs

A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening. Streaming applications and podcasting services provide a convenient, integrated way to manage a personal consumption queue across many podcast sources and playback devices.

A podcast series usually features one or more recurring hosts engaged in a discussion about a particular topic or current event. Discussion and content within a podcast can range from carefully scripted to totally improvised. Podcasts combine elaborate and artistic sound production with thematic concerns ranging from scientific research to slice-of-life journalism. Many podcast series provide an associated website with links and show notes, guest biographies, transcripts, additional resources, commentary, and even a community forum dedicated to discussing the show's content.

Source: Wikipedia

You can listen to IBR podcasts directly on this website by clicking the play button against each episode. However, to take advantage of advanced features, subscription, and notification, we recommend below options:

  • Download the Anchor app on your phone or visit our direct link https://anchor.fm/ibrmc
  • Download the Spotify app on your phone and search for IBR Podcast. Else, click this link to directly visit our Spotify podcast section
  • You can also listen to it on other podcast apps like Radio Public, Breaker, Google Podcast etc.
  • Else, subscribe to our RSS Feed and open it on your preferred podcast application

Our podcasts are absolutely free for everyone.

We keep on posting the links of released podcasts on our Facebook Page. Otherwise, you can subscribe to our podcast channel on any of the preferred podcast player app by doing this -

  • On Anchor app, you need to click "Favorite"
  • On Spotify app, you need to click "Follow"
  • On Breaker app, you need to click "Subscribe"
  • On Google Podcast, you need to click the "+" button

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