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Impromptu ride Chennai Chapter May 2017
At the height of blazing mid day heat of may month, cap10 comes up with a whacky idea of an impromptu ride. If you wonder if it got voted down, you are wrong. Just that mere suggestion of a ride down ECR over whatsapp brought together 8 members over to Date a bike shop within the next few hours. 

By 6 pm, seven of us - Cap10, Viki, Praveen, Kaushik, Viggi, Ezhil and myself kitted up to ride while Radhika opted to be pillion this time. All of us agreed to ride down to the French town.

The plan was to have a look at the newly opened bikers cafe named "Greasy tin", have dinner and ride back.

With two short breaks we reached Greasy tin, a little after 9pm. The place was well set up by a father-son duo who obviously loved Bikes and music. There was so much of vintage bikes and collector's items on display that the actual riding accessories on sale took a back seat. The 1950's 125cc bullet,  lambretta scooters and the Enfield mofa(22cc wonder mobike for which no DL or RC was required!!) all took our breaths away. Interspersed amidst these were guitars, old radio sets, wall hangings that honoured music as well as iconic brands of automobiles. There was a space to conduct jamming  sessions too. They reiterated that the place was still a work-in-progress with more plans of barbeque setup et all.

Finally after all the scouting settled, there came a wicked smile on all faces as they eyed the beers available. We had ordered dinner from our usual eat out "Cafe Xtasi" as Greasy tin didn't offer eatables. 

We voted to have drinks if we could stay overnight anywhere near abouts. Our host heeded our request and got us some accommodation at his friend's house nearby.

Dinner arrived just in time as we were half through the beer cans. With some heady mix of music we had a jolly time over dinner.

Finally around zero hours our host lead us to our resting place for the night. There too we found some vintage car collections.

After a short rest for about 3 hours we kitted up. Captain led the pack. After a leisurely rde we reached Chennai just after daybreak and bid adieu to each other.

For an impromtu ride it turned into a really enthralling one indeed.

Originally written by Girish

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Sahi man !!!
Signature chuha kha gaya !!! Angry
Good One Chennai Brothers...

Way to Go...

Cheers !!!
RuLe ThE RoAd
Awesome place macha!!

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Cool Place bro.. I wish we find a similar place in Jaipur too..

Ride Hard.. Live Long..
Fantastic Chennai... This place looks like a collectors heaven! BTW Loved the part of not riding after the beers Smile

You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle...!!!!

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