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IBRMC Megameet 2013 - Desert Meet - Udaipur
wow , bring it on
Team, dates are superb but if its a five day trip then we should consider entire week as post coming back / returning on wednesday / thursday, I don't think people will have that much of energy to go back to office or routine work....
Signature chuha kha gaya !!! Angry
looking forward to this one. This is gonna be one hell of gathering.
Revolution... Let It Grow
I Suggest we take a consensus on the Head count on our periodic meetings and if the head count is more than 15+ , then we book a resort of a hotel. It makes more sense and more fun if all stay together than dividing between  Sujit`s and Chirs's place. We can reach a conclusion say by the Mid of June on the number of people who can ride and collect the money needed to do the bookings. Meanwhile Sujeet can hunt for a good resort and take a quote for 15 + people..
This should be fun guys.. Eager to meet Delhi public..
There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path
Abhijit although the plan sounds good but a slight glitch would be that the delhi public would not be around till 23rd june and the only time we can get down to seriously talking about this scene is once we get back from MA which means pretty much pushing it to mid july by the time we have a consensus of the number, which I don't think should be a problem considering we have a bit of time left after that to book a resort and stuff...
yes Umang.. ur right.. U guys have a herculean ride in store for you all in the coming days..u guys can plan once ur back from MA '13... i think two months advance booking should be fine.. in the meantime Mumbai chapter will get the ball rolling and decide on our numbers and plan accordingly...ALL this kept aside... like Abhijit said... we are really excited to meet u Delhi folks.. C u guys soon..
Thank God the British came to India and gave us the "ROYAL ENFIELD".
Guys...Lets complete your MA'13 ride. Enjoy to your fullest. We can finalize the headcount for Desert Meet by end of July 2013. By that time i will also shortlist some resorts for the same. But we need to finalize and do the booking for resort by mid of august as October month is also  tourist season.

Lets concentrate on MA'13, then on the desert meet. But lets make this also happen....

All the Best guys for MA'13....I will miss MA'13, but will be surely available for MA'14...

Loving it keep this topic active.
Ohh Yes.. MA '13 skipped my mind.. You guys have a blast...
But do give a serious thought.. We can have our own IBR Mania in October in Udaipur..  Big Grin Big Grin
There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path
We shall make it happen boss...

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