India Bull Riders has 8 recognized chapters in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Udaipur, Chennai, Jaipur and Pune. We have 3 chapters under probation - Kolkata, Guwahati and Jamshedpur.

India Bull Riders is all about riding, riding and riding. At the same time, IBR has become a second family for most of our seasoned members and our regular weekly / bi-weekly meets keep us all pepped up. The reason being, we all share the same passion about the kind of motorcycle we ride and kind of routes we like to traverse.


You are above 18 years. You ride a Royal Enfield motorcycle. You have decided to become an active IBRMC member? *** THIS IS AN "ONLY" ROYAL ENFIELD MOTORCYCLE CLUB. NO OTHER BIKES ARE ALLOWED Important Information - Must Read You should be above 18 years of age You should have a ...
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IBR Regional Chapters

Our Regional Chapters In 2007 a small club was formed named Delhi Bull Riders. With a few members initially, DBR slowly became one of the well-known Royal Enfield club in New Delhi / NCR. More and more members started joining and within a span of 2 year DBR grew as ...
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About IBRMC Delhi Bull Riders (now India Bull Riders)was founded by Sajeesh Nair in November 2007. He had been associated with many other Motorcycle riding clubs before the entire idea of creating an exclusive Royal Enfield + Vintage Classic motorcycle club came into his mind. On 22nd November, 2007 Delhi ...
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BOBMC Rider Mania 2019 - Aando by India Bull Riders

The 17th BOBMC Rider Mania was hosted by India Bull Riders. This forum thread is dedicated for all discussion related to it.

BOBMC Rider Mania 2020 - Chalo NepalThis is the official thread dedicated for all discussion and updates regarding the BOBMC Rider Mania 2020, hosted by Fore Nepal
The official tag for this RM is #ChaloNepal #BOBMCRiderMania2020