We are one of the best riding communities in India and in order to maintain a positive community of like-minded riders, we need regular members who can join us in-person. Nonetheless, to say, IBRMC does not ask for any membership fees whatsoever.

Step 1 - Connect Online

Join our Facebook Page to get club-level updates regularly

For live chat, forum and discussions, join our Discord group

For this, you need to create a free Discord account first which will hardly take a couple of minutes and is free. On discord, we have multiple channels, both text, and voice, that will provide a seamless way to interact with other members and the core committee team

Step 2 - Attend our meets and rides

Now the million-dollar question, how to become a regular member and how to attend meets & rides? Well, all our regional chapters operate through dedicated Discord Event Channels and Facebook groups.

For Facebook groups, you can send a join request, but your account will be approved only once you attend the event in-person. Chapter moderators will add you to relevant groups, WhatsApp/Signal groups, etc.

Still have questions?

Visit our FAQs knowledge base or raise a support request

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